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Prosthodontics Specialty Group

Video About Prosthodontics:

Welcome to the Prosthodontic Associates of Northern Ohio. We are a group practice with three Prosthodontic specialists with over 75 years of combined education and experience in the restorative dental field. Our practice offers a variety of restorative and esthetic services ranging from Complex Dental Implant full mouth reconstruction, custom snap on dentures and partials, to veneers and tooth whitening. If you are discouraged with the look of your smile, or are frustrated with loose or ill fitting dentures or partials, or have missing teeth that you would like to replace, we are the right specialists for you.

Academics is an important aspect of both Prosthodontists in this practice. Dr. Ali Kanawati is on staff as a clinical Instructor at West Virginia University School of Dentistry in Morgantown, WV training both dental students as well as Graduate Prosthodontics Residents. Dr. Kanawati is also an adjunct professor at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Kanawati is all dedicated to providing his patients with the best restorative dental care available by continuously being on top of as well as teaching about the latest procedures in the field of Prosthodontics.

We invite you to browse our website to better understand the services that we offer and to learn more about our procedures and policies. We strive to make each one of our patients feel like part of our family and we are sure you will find the atmosphere of the office to be inviting and comfortable. Please feel free to call or email us at your convenience for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Dental Implant Cosmetic Dentistry, Cleveland, and North Olmsted, Ohio

Prosthodontists in the Cleveland, OH suburbs providing procedures such as Snap-on dentures, Dental implants Cosmetic Restorations, Dental Implant Dentures, Laser Dental Implant Dentistry and Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry.

Prosthodontist, Cleveland, North Olmsted, Ohio

Our prosthodontist, Dr. Ali Kanawati is a specialist in the field of Prosthodontics serving patients in the cities and communities surrounding the Cleveland, OH Metropolitan area.

Dental Implants provide a stable, long lasting foundation for replacing missing teeth. Dental Implants will allow you if you are missing teeth to smile with assurance as well as enjoy your favorite foods. dental Implants help preserve the natural beauty of your face, because they prevent the jawbone from weakening and slowly dissolving away due to missing teeth. A Snap On Denture is a wonderful option for many of our patients.

Dental Implants can be used to anchor "snaps" that allow your removable denture to literally "snap on". Current upper complete denture wearers: are you gagging from your denture because it covers the roof of your mouth? Ask us about a palateless snap on denture and say goodbye to the annoying gag feel.

The snap-on feature is available for both complete dentures and for partials as well. Current partial denture wearers: ask us about a claspless snap on partial using Dental Implants. With the advent of Dental Implants, the prosthodontists are able to provide you with a very secure, esthetic, claspless partial. Dental implants may be a wonderful choice to improving your oral function and allow you to have the beautiful smile you have always desired.

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